Golfers Embrace SunWarrior’s PowerSwatch™ Solar Charger for On-the-Course Power

PowerSwatch shown with PowerPlus2 expansion solar panels attached to front of golf cart. Simply plug in your phone or other device to the PowerSwatch to charge.

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stuck by suction cups to golf carts and hung from a golf bags, PowerSwatch mobile solar chargers are quickly becoming the power source of choice for serious golf aficionados. PowerSwatches are lightweight and highly portable, and feature a ruggedized, high-output monocrystalline solar panel with two USB ports and one 12-volt accessory adapter port to charge nearly any mobile device. PowerSwatches are the only portable solar charger on the market that can increase power output by 300% or more by simply snapping on one or more expansion panels, called PowerPlus2.

“Early on in the development of our PowerSwatch products, we realized the potential of the golf market”

“Early on in the development of our PowerSwatch products, we realized the potential of the golf market,” said Rourke Oakland, president of SunWarrior. “You don’t have to be an extreme adventurer to be away from a power source for hours at a time. Golfers can spend most of the day on the course, away from wall power. With PowerSwatch, their mobile phones don’t die, cameras stay charged and ready, and GPS devices are powered up. PowerSwatches are particularly handy when calling from the 19th hole, to let spouses know the traffic on the course has been brutal.”

sunwarrior logo small highres.jpg

sunwarrior logo small highres.jpg

SunWarrior products, including the PowerSwatch solar charger, PowerPlus2 expansion solar panel and their accessories, are rugged, weatherproof and designed for years of trouble-free use. Perfect for outdoor activities, as a backup power supply at home or on the road, or tucked into a student’s backpack or businessperson’s laptop bag, PowerSwatch puts the power of the sun in the palm of your hand.

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About SunWarrior, Inc.

SunWarrior, headquartered in Irvine, CA, designs and markets solar-based products that deliver on the promise of true charge-anywhere mobility for handheld electronic devices. The company’s products focus on convenience, cost-effectiveness and value and are available through major online retailers and through the company’s website,

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